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Outdoors Experience OE

Let's get out and go! Adventure Based Exposure And Education

Provides outdoor adventures to hundreds of young people and adults every year. Our outside experiences are designed to support National Common Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCSS) in the areas of Character Education, Environmental Education, Service Learning and Arts and Literacy in a manner that is fun, challenging and very memorable.


LAX Means Lacrosse

Exposing and teaching First Nation's cultural core sustainable living methods and methodologies, i.e. water usage and conservation, through the game of lacrosse. The game of lacrosse is a fast paced energetic sport that combines agility, speed , strength , coordination and team play , played by millions of North Americans. It is the fastest growing sport by participation in the U.S and is expanding at a rapid rate throughout the world. The legacy of the game traces it's roots to an Iroquois Nation ball and stick version, similar to the game played today. Why lacrosse? Simply, the lacrosse gateway has pillars based on truly one of first games played in this country by First Nation people with legacy of responsible stewardship of the land and other environmental resources. The programs and workshops familiarizes new fans, coaches, players, parents and administrators with the playing aspects of the game as well as the history of all it's performers, players and coaches. The programs participants will be empowered with a knowledge based curricula, that readily ignites and forges lasting relationships that can promote prosperous dialogue and communication amongst all lacrosse stakeholders. The gamefication of some of life's truly valuable lessons via an enjoyable experience! This program is organized in conjunction with the Heritage Education Group and PriorityKids.

Inspirational Words

"Keep your feet firmly on the ground, but have your aspirations in the furthest stars."