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This PriorityKids activity is scheduled for weekend of August 08 2018.
Please join us by registering before .

Campout 4

PriorityKIds have partnered to deliver a high octane weekend of camping, great food, sport, reflection and fun before the

start of the holy month of Ramadan 1438, Inshallah;Bringing many years of orienteering experiences to young men, the environment will be wonderful

for your school age boy and adults alike. Our setting this year is the beautiful and expansive French Creek State Park, located in the beautiful Pennsylvanioa county near Philadelphia. Please come

and enjoy, whether you are a uncle, brother, son, father , or guardian. 

The Outdoors Experience | OE
program exposures

Provides outdoor adventures to hundreds of young people and adults every year. Our outside experiences are designed to support National Common Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCSS) in the areas of Character Education, Environmental Education, Service Learning and Arts and Literacy in a manner that is fun, challenging and very memorable.

Inspirational Words

"Keep your feet firmly on the ground, but have your aspirations in the furthest stars."